We are United Online Inc.

(Nasdaq: UNTD) and our name tells our story. We bring people together, uniting them across time, distance and devices. We unite friends and acquaintances, we unite people with technology, and we unite advertisers with their audience. Think of us as a bridge; on one side is your product or service, on the other side our millions of users. The Internet is constantly evolving and growing and it’s our job to help you take advantage of that. We’ll show you who to talk to, how to talk to them, and where to talk to them.

Why advertise on United Online?

For Advertisers

Looking to reach your audience effectively while they're making decisions online? We can help. United Online is home to several properties that allow you to connect to millions of potential customers through our Internet Service Providers NetZero and Juno; and our Web hosting services at MySite.

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